Whatever You Do…Don’t Blink!


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~Good Morning Beauties!~

Can you guess what todays post is about?  Ready?…Lashes!!!

In my never ending quest for beautiful lush long Amazonian lashes, I have found some great products that have become my personal favorites.  First we can address mascara…I don’t really know any woman that runs out the door without a nice coat of mascara on her lashes.  If one exists, we need to talk!  I am a fan of the blackest of black mascara.  That’s not to say that I don’t find the browns likeable and have even allowed my 13 year old daughter to wear the clear mascara.  She’s absolutely darling without makeup of any kind and normally wears nothing at all.  Now let me get back on course…

In said quest I have found that I cannot EVER find just ONE mascara that offers it all.  Nothing creates lush AND long AND full AND Amazonian lashes…no one product.  So…I use TWO mascaras!  Not unusual I find from my never ending perusal of beauty blogs and videos.  I have found the combination of these two Loreal products satisfy my immediate lash needs (we all know I’m not the patient type).  I first apply a coat of Loreal Telescopic in black for lengthening and then apply a generous coat of Loreal Voluminous for thickening volume in blackest black.



For me, it works together to create longer fuller lashes.  While I have not yet achieved Amazonian Lash Nirvana…it’s a close second.

While on the subject of lashes…we know it couldn’t end quite so quickly…


I decided to try my hand at false eyelashes.  After all, what could it harm?…ahem.  Let it be known that I do have MAC Eyelashes in my stash waiting for my bravery to surface.  But for this attempt I armed myself with Ardell Natural #135 lashes and my Duo Adhesive.  I attempted FOUR times to apply the rascally little wisp but was quite unsuccessful.  Perhaps I will try again tonight…I always feel stressed and rushed when trying to apply lashes…which is a single mom thing I’m sure.  I don’t know that I will ever be able to spend the amount of time in front of a mirror on a busy school morning between making lunches and “mom I need help with my hair” needed to apply them.  But I am a brave soul and shall persevere.


I will only state this…You may have won the battle my bushy friends, but I will be back!!! 



Summer Dreamin…


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~Hello Beauties!!!~

It’s cold outside here in the Northeast…REALLY REALLY cold!!!  In my efforts to hurry Spring along (no offense Mother Nature but it’s been far too long!!), I decided to use a little self tanner.  Now I’m sure many (if not most) of us have used self tanner at one point or another for various life events…graduation, vacation, wedding…you name it and we have tanned for it.

I have used higher end products as well as lower end (think CVS brand) throughout my lifetime and career in Ballroom Dancing.  This time, I decided to try Loreal Paris Sublime Bronzer.  It is a mist of self tanning product which is supposed to dry quickly and there is no need to rub the product around.  The color I chose is Medium Natural Tan and the bottle has 33% more product (lucky me!) and cost $9.99 at my local Target.


Now for the review…It is definitely a mist and goes on quite evenly.  I used it on my upper body as my lower body would not be revealed any time soon (haha!!).  It has kind of a sweet scent…not sure I would agree with the bottle stating Fresh Citrus Scent…not horrible mind you…just different.  True to the bottle, I did not have to rub the product around.  I just misted and waited a few minutes for it to dry and put my jammies on.  I do my best tanning overnight…so when I woke up I was excited to see the results of this new “airbrush” tan!!!!!!…

I was seriously underwhelmed.  It is a very light sheer sort of golden tan.  Again, not horrible…just lighter than I expected from the Medium Natural Tan color I chose. The color was not affected by my morning shower.  I think that this is definitely a buildable sort of tan.  Like keep using the product until you are happy with your personal golden hue.  While I love the ease of this product, I’m a one shot kind of girl…I like immediate results (otherwise why self tan?) and have little patience for buildable products (I’m just naturally impatient so it’s nothing against buildable products).  Also to note, that as the day has gone on I tended to smell that all too noticeable self tanner scent.

Loreal Paris Sublime Bronzer is a great product for those looking for natural buildable tans that are super easy to apply!  I hope you enjoyed this review…



So Much To Do…So Little Time!


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It has been a while since I have been able to post a blog…so sorry my Beauties! Life has been in constant motion for quite some time. I have SO much to update on Beauty, Love & Life!!! Hopefully, I will be able to get a great update and some more product reviews up for all of you very soon…I have many reviews just waiting.

Additionally, I launched another project or two (ok…more like FIVE!) on the Historical Reproduction Clothing end of my obsession, A full 18th Century outfit from the inside out…by HAND!!! Whew!!!! It was a challenge but I think it all came out quite beautifully.

So there is LOTS and LOTS to share!!!


Todays Beautiful Thing…


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I have to admit…I’m definitely NOT a wash your hair every day kind of girl. I have naturally wavy hair that (while fine) tends to be dry…not to mention that I color it, blow dry it and straighten it…yes, I am very tough on my hair!

This is another product that I’ve heard/read much about…
Batiste Dry Shampoo

As I usually straighten my hair, I try to be nice and allow at least three days in between washings.  As I use styling products to achieve “my look” it can sometimes need a refreshing and boost during/after day two as I try my best to NEVER apply additional heat of any kind during that three day period.  So I was excited to find Batiste Dry Shampoo in my local Marshalls…always a great place for a bargain and a discount on shampoos and conditioners too!  As it was budget friendly I decided to give it a whirl…boy am I ever HAPPY I did!!!!!

Down & Dirty…I’ve used dry shampoos in the past on my pre teen daughters hair.  However they were always the inexpensive kind you pick up on the fly that smell like lemon furniture polish and tend to give your hair (hers is dark blonde) a powdery grey look…not to mention they did not work tremendously well.  I have to say that Batiste Dry Shampoo was AH-MAY-ZING!!!!  I had purchased the Light & Blonde shade with “a hint of color”.  I absolute love that it has a “hint” of color which makes any root growth less noticeable.  I also enjoy the texture and the fresh scent…kind of like vanilla and almonds…totally delish!!!  I’m already on the hunt for more…more…more as it is my newest favorite hair product.  Not to mention that I want a dark blonde color for my daughter…or I will accept finding the colorless version (I think they make one) too!!!

Definitely a MUST for your hair care routine!!!

A Beautiful Thing…


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Loreal Revitalift Miracle Blur

As many of you know, there has been so much buzzzz about Loreal Revitalift Miracle Blur Instant Skin Smoother that is supposed to “erase the look of wrinkles, lines & pores“. In my quest for a totally chic life, I felt I needed to blur some tiny lines that have begun to show. After researching the many reviews online, I thought the Miracle Blur to be the boost I was looking for to erase those tiny lines!

I do want to note that there was an oil free and regular formula available and that I purchased the product at my local CVS Pharmacy and in the effort of economy (and the fact that I was not totally convinced), I purchased the 0.5 FL. OZ tube as seen pictured above.

After applying my moisturizer, I first attempted to apply the product over much of my target areas…forehead, the frown line between my brows , upper lip (my lipstick tends to bleed) and under my eyes (darn wrinkles!).

I immediately did not care much for how it looked under my eyes and even though I was careful not to get any in my eyes, it seemed the scent stung my eyes.  But I prevailed and applied to my forehead and upper lip and between brows.  I have to say that the lines on my forehead were not diminished and I did not care for the oily feeling.  This is merely a case for using the oil free formula.  Next, the frown line between the brows…it definitely helped the line look less…deep.  The upper lip met with success as well since I do not see the tiny lines around my lips and the lipstick/chapstick/gloss/liner does not gravitate into the lines.

Overall Impression…Miracle Blur definitely does help diminish the lines of some of my target areas and I like it well enough to continue using it.  I am a sensitive skin girl and it did NOT make my skin blemish (or cause a rash) in any way.  I do allow it time to dry or set if you will…just seems to work better that way.  I use it sparingly (because of the oily texture) on my brow and upper lip (my personal problem areas) and it seems to work great for what I am looking to achieve!  I think the small tube is perfect for me and I will definitely continue to use it.

A plus for any make-up bag!

Beautiful Things…


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In my travels, I have come across many different products that strike me as worthy to relate. As I find them I intend to relay the products as I see them and tell of their usefulness. It is my goal to live a truly beautiful and chic life and lifestyle, so it is always thrilling to find those products that help in the creation of a truly beautiful chic life and lifestyle.

To be noted, I do not live a lavish lifestyle. Rather, I am a single mother to a beautiful and amazing pre-teen.  I live together in a small bustling city enjoying the sights and sounds. That said, I always try to live a beautiful and chic life and lifestyle in the most intelligent and cost conscious manner possible.

I do hope you will enjoy the occasional product reviews…

Regency Hat


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As I was making my regency spencer to wear to the Sailing Masters Parade and Ball, I decided that I should in fact wear a straw hat suitable for picnicking as well as watching the parade.  I began with an inexpensive straw hat (purchased from Wal-Mart) which had the basic shape I was looking for.  My inspiration was Marianne’s hat from Sense & Sensibility which was mostly composed of white/off white feathers…suitable for many different looks.

Pic of my inspiration hat from Sense & Sensibility

Pic of my inspiration hat from Sense & Sensibility

As I was finding elements here and there for my hat I found that I actually enjoy color and as I will mainly wear this particular hat with my regency spencer (see Regency Spencer ~ Update) I thought it particularly cute to add the colors from my spencer onto the hat…Hat, Spencer & Gown all together

Hat, Gown & Spencer all in one!

Mine evolved into something a bit more colorful…

Front View with two ruched ribbons

Front View with two ruched ribbons

Side View with feathers, floral and ribbon decorations

Side View with feathers, floral and ribbon decorations

Rear View with florals and fabric trim

Rear View with floral and fabric trim

I began by pulling the brim upward and tacking with thread.  Then I tacked on a ribbon trim around the hat which subsequently became mostly hidden by the flowers.  I then added flowers, feathers and fabric trims.  The blue is from remnants of the spencer I attempted to create a flower called Bachelor Buttons…one on the side and one in the back to carry the color around the hat.  I also made ribbon ties which really do not have any function but to simply appear pretty as the hat stays on quite well without.

I was happy with how the hat looked finished…quite pretty!!!

Regency Spencer ~ Update


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This post is merely an update to my original post Regency Spencer.  As you know, I was attempting to make a regency spencer for myself to wear to the Sailing Masters Parade and Ball in Essex, CT.  In the first post I gave some details of what went into this particular project, so here I will show photos of the actual finished project…

Finally complete and ready to wear!

Finally complete and ready to wear!

Showing the regency diamond shape and tassel detailing

Showing the regency diamond shape and tassel detailing

Heirloom lace cuff with a band of ruched turkey red linen and glass beading

Heirloom lace cuff with a band of ruched turkey red linen and glass beading

Linen lining with handwritten quote and decoration which was handsewn into spencer

Linen lining with handwritten quote and decoration which was hand sewn into spencer

Detail of fringe cut away to reveal tassels, a ruched band of turkey red linen and gold and silver buttons echoing the front button detailing.

Detail of fringe cut away to reveal tassels, a ruched band of turkey red linen, glass beads and gold and silver buttons echoing the front button detailing.

Here is the completed Regency Spencer on myself at the Sailing Masters Parade…

Spencer worn with straw hat decorated (see addl post) and blue and white print regency gown

Spencer worn with straw hat decorated (see Regency Hat post) and blue and white print regency gown

Regency Spencer…


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AS IT HAPPENS, I will be attending the Burning of the Ships parade, picnic and ball in Essex.  This has ignited a new passion for a new Spencer and light blue and white regency gown then quickly gave way to include yet another white ball gown (a day dress, spencer and ball gown).  The light blue and white day dress (with short sleeves as I had first thought to use it as a ball gown and may still on future occasions) came together rather quickly in spite of my overzealous pattern revisions which created the need to rework the skirt…another story for another time.  I began work on the spencer…which was to be made of blue fabric with white and red accents complete with beading, fringe and tassels.  As I had no pattern for a regency spencer but already knew I wanted the diamond back of the regency period, I decided to draft a new pattern specifically for a spencer (as I wanted the neckline higher than the gown and also added a collar/lapels).  It took approximately one week (and considerable thought and countless research) to actually work up the nerve to create a pattern suitable.  I actually used a modern spencer (bolero jacket) that I own for sizing.  Then worked from there to create the pattern…it was definitely a labor of love to be sure!!!

When the pattern was finally drafted, I then went about searching for the correct fabric.  I had two pictures for inspiration.  One of Queen Louise of Prussia and another a modern bolero jacket from an advertisement in the magazine Belle Armoire.  Both incorporate the colors of red, white and blue…extremely fitting for the Essex event!  I knew well enough that I would not find the exact fabric (my one fabric store is woefully limited).  To my delight, I was able to locate a blue on blue upholstery fabric that would be perfect for this project at 50% discount no less!!!  So, with fabric in hand I worked up the courage to pin the pattern and actually cut my beautiful fabric to begin assembly.  As it is basically the same cut as the gowns (just larger and slightly different), it was fairly easy to piece together.  It helps that the spencer actually has only TWO mere seams keeping it all together!  I then needed to cut a collar which meant back to the internet for research.  It was easy enough to get the correct shape as there were plenty of tutorials to assist my novice skills.  I was very happy to say the least, that I had the foresight to actually cut the lapels with the jacket piece…just made the project a little easier.  That is until I realized that I needed to actually ATTACH the collar!!!!!  Once I managed to attach the collar nicely, it was on to the hemming.  I decided to turn/roll/fold the hem of the fabric…it really made the spencer look very nicely finished.  For the inside seams I will pink the raw edges as I decided to line the spencer with linen (upon which I will write a lovely meaningful quote).  Trim was added…turkey red linen from my stash was used to make ruched bands around the cuffs with a small band across the bottom back (military style) which was affixed over a small strip of crimson fringe which was cut away at two intervals to reveal the turkey red linen points upon which perch two crimson tassels.  Crimson braiding to festoon the front of the jacket at the front closure location, two bands of cream-colored cotton lace was used around the collar following the lapels, cream-colored lace which was reincarnated from a lace table runner from my grandmother years ago was used around the cuffs to fall gently over the hands.  Red glass beads with gold accents were sewn at intervals around the turkey red linen cuffs as well as on the center of the tassel cord (which were coiled and attached to the linen points on the back), the final touch are gold buttons (as seen on Queen Louise of Prussia’s spencer below) to carry the gold from the beading and assist with the military feel…one upon the braiding (a faux button) at the front closure and two at the turkey red linen strip/band at the back.

I must say that this project took all of three weeks to completion and to my surprise and infinite delight, my spencer fits like a glove!!!!

Color Inspiration (note gold buttons)……

Queen Louise of Prussia Spencer

Queen Louise of Prussia Spencer

Style Inspiration……..

Advertisement in Belle Armoire, coat by Kimberly Elowe

Advertisement in Belle Armoire, coat by Kimberly Elowe

Adventures in Love…


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Raimundo Madrazo - The Love Letter

Raimundo Madrazo – The Love Letter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your love’s a gathered storm I chased across the sky.  A moment in your arms became the reason why.  You alone are my light.  I would give anything to feel you in my arms tonight. 

~Josef Alexander Thompson, Songwriter

Spring and Summer are always the seasons that bring the topic of love to most individuals thoughts and conversations.  It seems to be human nature to come assemble more often and with much more affection in the warmer seasons.

I often wonder at how amazing it would be to find a like-minded individual…hence my foray into online dating.  It remains uncertain if they were indeed successful or merely a necessary experience needed for me to become a person rich with the experiences of life.  I have found that being an eclectic person with many varied interests, that perhaps a watered down sense of my self was in order when initially meeting other people.  Is that really being true to who I am as a person…or is it merely projecting a persona of who I think is a more acceptable version of me?

As it happens, once in a while a person reaches out and touches upon the authentic you…


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